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Tony I understand what you are trying to say, however, I feel sometimes there are things that we just can’t be detached about. I think that is especially true in a situation like this where Jimmy has been far more than a “gate guard” for 22+ year for the community.

I know the Board has some good intentions about saving money and improving coverage/security etc… but frankly, their timing could not be worse. In my opinion it really all boils down to that. Jimmy is close to retirement and it seems cold and callous, for the sake of money, to fire him at this point.

In another year or two when he retires, it would be the perfect time to transition to a new service etc. But why now? Is saving a couple of bucks the way you say thank you to someone who has been loyal for so many years. Although not perfect (but then who is), Jimmy has served this community well through many, many years… I think we owe it to him to let him retire gracefully.