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    Should Bay Ridge property owners continue to fund this position ?
    The position is currently part time, 4 days a week, normal working hours are 9 to 5. The job duties are to greet visitors, over see and contractors working on community plumbing, landscaping, etc…

    The cost is in access of $50k per year. The questions before us are is this the best use of the $50k ? Can some of that money be put into technology where Bay Ridge can have a greeting mechanism in place 24×7 ? If the property owners want to have a live person, do we 24×7 coverage? What duties do we want performed? These are all questions that need to be addressed. Let’s hear your thoughts.

    Gate Guard Overview


    This position should be Jimmy 5 days a week, no contract guard service needed for the other 2 days…..until Jimmy decides to retire.


    I think this issue should not be about Jimmy.

    The issue should be do we want to continue to spend our money to be uncovered 80% of the time?

    The issue should be is having an on site person the best use of our money?

    The issue should be what are the duties of the on site person if we have one?

    Jimmy has been a good friend and I wish him the best, and I do not necessarily want him to leave. Just trying to frame the issue better.



    Tony I understand what you are trying to say, however, I feel sometimes there are things that we just can’t be detached about. I think that is especially true in a situation like this where Jimmy has been far more than a “gate guard” for 22+ year for the community.

    I know the Board has some good intentions about saving money and improving coverage/security etc… but frankly, their timing could not be worse. In my opinion it really all boils down to that. Jimmy is close to retirement and it seems cold and callous, for the sake of money, to fire him at this point.

    In another year or two when he retires, it would be the perfect time to transition to a new service etc. But why now? Is saving a couple of bucks the way you say thank you to someone who has been loyal for so many years. Although not perfect (but then who is), Jimmy has served this community well through many, many years… I think we owe it to him to let him retire gracefully.


    I am in full agreement with you. Jimmy is a friend and I have nothing but the best wishes for him. Based on the ballet we recently received, the question was to add another day of coverage using Jimmy or a different guard service. Either one is OK with me. It seems their is a huge misunderstanding and many are getting excited. Then again, it could be me that is misunderstanding the situation :). My preference is to keep the status quo in regards to Jimmy and spend our hard earned money on technology and have 24/7 video coverage all over our neighborhood, in case we need to review video evidence if something happens.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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